Why we exist?



Everyone deserves access to healthy, affordable food and quality nutrition care.  This access is hindered by deeper inequities that arise from unjust systems and processes that structure everyday living conditions. 


In its 43 years of working, Operation Hunger has a history of positive action in the fight against hunger and malnutrition in South African communities. We have developed a systematic approach that uses the concept of nutrition equity to elucidate these inequities and show how they determine opportunities and barriers to attaining healthy diets and lives, leading to unequal nutrition outcomes.


Vision and Goal 


To provide a sustainable solution to the evolving face of malnutrition. It  demands a multifaceted response that supports optimal nutrition at every stage of life. 



Established in 1980, Operation Hunger is a registered South African Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that is remains operative and effective today. During 1994/95, Operation Hunger broadened its approach from relief work to include intensive focus on development work.

During 1999, Operation Hunger registered with the Department of Welfare in terms of the Non-profit Organisations Act No. 71 of 1997, and has become one of a growing number of NPOs that meet the criteria required to partner with government departments in the alleviation of poverty.

The organisation was started in 1978 by Dr. Selma Browde with Dr. Nthato Motlana after they saw the agony, anguish and toll that malnutrition inflicted on the South African people and its economy. Operation Hunger was accordingly strategically registered as a Fund-Raising Organisation in 1980 to better influence the transformation its founders sought. We therefore have a history of not only concern, but positive action in the fight against malnutrition in South African homes, schools and communities using sustainable and proven methods that empower people and their communities. We have since established an extensive network and infrastructure that provides our staff with unique access to vulnerable people and communities in some of the most remote areas in the country. We now work with local communities to initiate locus specific development programmes designed to create an environments conducive to the optimal development and growth.

Currently Operation Hunger focuses on the development of improved methods of working with and assisting communities to become self-sustaining, independent and to run profitable projects themselves.

Annual Reports

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