Phase 5 / Sustainability

“I work for Operation Hunger because I feel I am the vehicle for the change that communities need as they strive for sustainability.”- Gram Jackson, Gauteng field worker.

Problem Statement

The climate crisis is not only a matter of environmental injustice, but social injustice too. The sustainability age aims to address and overcome the abundant environmental and socio-economic challenges that society currently faces, in order to achieve sustainable development. Following the completion of many projects, over several years, we have observed that without the appropriate support, many communities battle to maintain sustainable food projects.

Through gradual depletion, the communities’ consumption and activities exceed the ability of the ecosystem to replenish over time, thus markedly harming the community by depressing biodiversity and productivity.

Sustainability Overview

We are committed to improving the health and quality of life of all South Africans and beyond.

Sustainable development is the backbone of our mission. In order to sustain the health of our communities, we ensure that our projects support good environmental health. To achieve self-sustainability within our communities, we empower project participants with the capacity to decide, run, maintain and own the projects. It commences during the Assessment Phase and continues with project mentoring and evaluation for the duration of the project

Sustainability Value

We genuinely care about our people and our planet, which is why we ensure that our projects contribute towards as many of the Sustainable Development Goals, outlined by the United Nations, as possible. Three of which include: 1) No Poverty 2) Zero Hunger and 3) Good Health and Well-being. In supporting these goals, we proudly support climate justice and social justice, locally and globally.