Fighting Malnutrition In South Africa

OPERATION HUNGER has a history of positive action in the fight against malnutritionin South Africa’s homes, schools and communities at large. 
In our 40 years of working we continue to built strong partnerships with business, communities, social development agencies, civil society to enable inclusive, innovative, measurable, tailored community programming responses to eradicate hunger, household food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms.

What we Do.

Nutrition for the impoverished

We seek to improve levels of nutrition in impoverished communities through sustainable integrated income generating food security schemes (e.g. soup kitchens, gardens, broiler, egg laying projects).

Providing clean & accessible water

To provide clean and accessible water to households where water is not readily available (e.g. rain water tanks, water rollers, boreholes/hand pumps, windmills, spring protection) so that individuals and communities can develop gardens, support livestock and be protected against water borne diseases.

our impact 

We are so very proud of our impact and even more excited to continue the good work.

Food Garden Beneficiaries

windmill & hand pump beneficiaries

water access beneficiaries

our heroes

Our support to the communities during this time would not be possible without our generous donors, sponsors and partners.
We thank you for your continuous support.

get in touch, HELP SOUTH AFRICA

There are so many ways in which you can get involved to help contribute to fighting malnutrition in this beautiful country. We look forward to hearing from you.