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Motheo Children’s Centre – Situated in a remote rural community known Ngobi Village
(between Pretoria and the NW)

The centre was established in 2015 and is looking after 17 children in their intermediate phase, of  which 13 of the children are orphans, 2 from very poor families and the other two physically challenged with one of them suffering from hydrocephalic condition and the other being deaf. The centre is managed by a recently retired nurse, a retired social worker and 4 volunteers among them being trained home based care givers. The centre was struggling to get food to feed the kids and to provide other non-food basic essentials necessary for their upkeep. They survived from random handouts from well-wishers that sometimes a month would go without any food donation. They had no running water and uncultivated land.


Operation Hunger converting Motheo from Immediate Relief to Self-Sustainability

Operation Hunger received a request for food aid through it’s Feed-A-Family campaign channel on the 28th April 2020 from Motheo’s Children Centre. Upon receipt of the request, vetting and coordination they were then adopted onto our immediate relief program with the first delivery being on the 11th May 2020 and on a regular basis thereafter.

With the intention to empower the centre to being more self-reliant, OH then refurbished the borehole to enable fresh running water, empowered the volunteers and care givers with nutrition-based training, and established a permaculture garden which produces a diversity of vegetables for the centre’s consumption.



In December OH then helped the centre to start a revenue making project to fundraise for the new year’s school supplies. In addition to our efforts in converting the centre from our immediate relief programs to being self-sustainable, our long-term donor Bestmed came on board to further support the centre’s subsistence farm to a small-scale commercial farm that will also empower the community at large.

Operation Huger would like to thank the thousands of individual donors, and group of partners listed below who contributed to the Feed a Family campaign. In helping us provide relief, you have laid the foundation for sustainability in communities we work with.


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