South Africa’s poorest province, the Eastern Cape, faces a devastating food crisis. Millions teeter on the brink of hunger, with malnutrition a harsh reality. But there’s hope. Operation Hunger offers a powerful solution: tackling the root causes, not just the symptoms. By understanding the complex web of factors that trap people in hunger’s grip, we can build a future free from malnutrition, one where everyone thrives. Join us in breaking the chains of hunger.

Providing diets, services and practices that promote, protect and support good nutrition to vulnerable populations has long been at the core of Operation Hunger’s work. Our Malnutrition Determinant framework highlights how everyday circumstances, environment, social position, human capital, and social context all jointly determines a person’s nutrition outcomes. This has guided our programming for decades (determinants, drivers and potential impact pathways). 

We have provided high-quality data and in-depth analyses to shed light on the burden of malnutrition within the Eastern Cape Province. Our aim is to help disentangle the patterns and causes of malnutrition in-order to drive action and ensure that no one is left behind.

The growing food crisis in the Eastern Cape demands urgent attention and collaborative efforts. By leveraging our experience and insights, we can drive investment to develop sustainable solutions that address the root causes of malnutrition. Together, we can break the chains of hunger and build a healthier, more equitable future for all.